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Are You Unhappy with Your LMS?

A lot of our customers are refugees from other LMS provider. We’ve heard many reasons why a customer exploring our LMS is looking to leave the system they currently use; some of the more common are:

  • Not learner-friendly
  • Lacks reporting flexibility
  • Too many unforeseen expenses
  • Poor technical support
  • Does not scale well

Other complaints tend to be more specific, like no SCORM 2004 support, or no ability to connect with social platforms or web-conferences. Of course, while we don’t meet every customer’s requirements, we certainly have our share of converts!

Whether selecting your first LMS or a replacement for the LMS provider that’s not meeting your requirements, consider this brief outline:

  • Assess your internal requirements, what you need and/or are not satisfied with in your current implementation, as well as your budget and training/support expectations.
  • Design your LMS requirements document; perhaps label the features your need as critical or optional. Be sure you have something like a checklist to rate your options and selections.
  • Develop your RFP and the relationships. While peer recommendations are great, don’t hesitate to send your RFP to any LMS vendor you think may suit your needs. Half probably won’t even reply! With the RFP responses you receive, follow up with those who make the best case, chat with the reps, and request a demo that speaks to your specific requirements.

Once you’ve made your selection, request a trial Implementation (easiest and most likely to work on a SaaS/trial basis) then work through your Evaluation of the LMS product.

Hey, look at that…it’s similar to an instructional design process! It even happens to have the same possible acronym as a well-known design process…

Of course, the success of any LMS implementation with your target audience is going to be greatly dependent on the quality of the training and instruction you offer through the LMS. It’s not as much about the technology as it is the learning, right? Don’t hesitate to use an instructional design model in both aspects of your LMS integration.

In our next discussion, we’ll review reasons why customers may be hesitant to switch LMS providers.

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