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Introduction to “The LMS Buyers Guide”

How to choose the best Learning Management System (LMS) for your Business

Regardless of your prior experience level (expert or novice) with Learning Management Systems, the task of selecting a new system to implement within your organization can feel impossible. With nearly 700 systems on the market today, how do you even begin to choose which one will be your best fit?

A good starting point is figuring out what exactly you will need your LMS to do for you. If you’re already an expert in all things learning management, chances are you’re familiar with the LMS features that will satisfy your training requirements (but it’s time to find a system that will do them better!). If you’re just starting out, take a bit of time to really assess why you need an LMS and how you want it to mesh with your Learning and Development programs.

After identifying your LMS needs, get your budget in place and be prepared with the right questions to ask in order to get the best value for your organization.

With these goals and objectives in mind, you will most likely find there to be only two or three of the 700 systems that can meet your needs. Sounds better already, right?

ICS‘s own Martin Pursley has outlined some best practices and helpful LMS buying tips in an LMS Buyer’s Guide to help connect you with the best possible system to meet your training needs. This Buyer’s Guide will help to walk you through each of the steps to making the decision to purchase and implement an LMS. You can always reach out to us directly, we’d love to help you out with your LMS search!

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