Compliance Training Management

Compliance and Regulatory Training with Inquisiq LMS

For most organizations, certifying management and employees on internal policies and practices, industry standards, and governmental regulations is a requirement. Inquisiq LMS helps keep your organization in check, ensuring that your employees remain compliant with external legislation and internal policies — from sexual harassment to social media usage, compliance is critical and it’s all about making this process as simple as possible for you and your employees.

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Automated Enrollments & Notifications

You can configure Inquisiq’s sophisticated rule-based automation to enroll your employees in compliance training with no additional effort from you – Inquisiq allows course enrollments to have due dates that will automatically push notifications and reminders to your employees as well as send reports to supervisors and managers -proactively alerting them if course completions are overdue.

Content Flexibility

Inquisiq allows for a wide range of course content and assessment solutions: enjoy ease and speed when loading your own PowerPoints and video content, creating your assessments with the built-in quiz authoring tool, utilizing any of the popular authoring tools and uploading either SCORM or xAPI content, or loading 3rd party course libraries.

Tracking & Monitoring

Inquisiq’s intelligent reporting features allow supervisors, managers, and administrators to track and monitor employee progress through your compliance training program. You can set up alerts and notifications that proactively track and report course completions for auditing purposes to ensure your training is successful. Inquisiq can also issue customized, printable online certificates upon completion of your compliance training.

Natural Mobility

Inquisiq’s responsive design provides a seamless mobile-responsive user experience so your employees can access your compliance training on any device – anytime, anywhere. Let them complete their regulatory training when it’s convenient for them, within your specified timeframe, without a dedicated app or the need for downloading/updating course materials.

Good managers understand that compliance training, while required, is not often an objective met with enthusiasm – an already-overworked employee needs this process to be as easy as possible. Inquisiq LMS’s intelligent automation allows for regulatory training to be rolled out smoothly; completed, tracked, and reported for auditing purposes. The Inquisiq LMS takes the pain out of compliance training and certification management, letting you focus on ensuring that your organization gets (and stays) fully-compliant.

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