Challenges for Corporate Training As an organization with corporate training requirements, you can face unique challenges related to your courseware and learners, including detailed reporting, certifications, and managing a range of instructional solutions. Inquisiq’s higher level of functionality goes beyond the typical LMS and is specifically designed to meet these challenges!

Challenge: “I need to gracefully integrate the LMS with my HR System”

Solution: With the Inquisiq API, batch user creation, and HR integration features, corporate employee systems (i.e. Active Directory) can be blended with your LMS account. Your existing user database and details can remain centralized while integrating with the LMS for a seamless sign-on experience and consistent reports.

Challenge: “I need a way to automate my user permissions, course access, and even course enrollments based on the users profile (job description, location, etc).”

Solution: With Inquisiq’s flexible user-registration form, allowing for custom fields, the information gathered for a learner can be used to specifically target their roles within the LMS and courseware access. Through some simple form additions and rule additions, new learners can quickly be registered and assigned the permissions and curriculum which suits them best.

Challenge: “I want to deliver a lot of my training as video clips on an iPad.”

Solution: Inquisiq is mobile-compatible! Learners can login to the Inquisiq LMS with any recent Apple or Android mobile device to access their My Account page and related courseware. As long as the learning content is created for mobile delivery, the LMS will launch it on the user’s device and track it, just as it does on the usual workstations.

Challenge: “I need a really flexible and comprehensive reporting ability. I should be able to quickly generate anything from a simple list of users with email addresses to a comprehensive list of all learners score on a specific quiz, or even how everyone responded to a specific quiz question. An added benefit would be if I could subscribe to that custom report.”

Solution: Our system was designed by training professionals who understand the need for quick and accurate reports. You can select from the standard LMS and SCORM fields, as well as any custom fields you have created within the LMS (i.e. user registration options). With our SCORM 2004 suport, you can even report on Interactions and Objectives if your courseware reports such data. And, yes, you can subscribe to reports, setting automatic delivery to your inbox at whatever schedule you define!

Challenge: “I need my supervisor to be able to run reports on and manage just their employees. I also need to have a report automatically run every week and emailed to them automatically.”

Solution: With Inquisiq’s robust report features, permissions and reporting details can be assigned to any individual LMS account, allowing global or group-specific reports to be generated on-demand or automatically created on your preferred schedule. Supervisors can also subscribe to these automated reports for direct email delivery.

Challenge: “I need the system to automatically email users reminders for upcoming due dates or other events.”

Solution: Email notifications are a standard feature of the Inquisiq LMS and can be substantially customized to report events such as upcoming due dates for course enrollments, course expirations, classroom training sessions, enrollment modifications and course completions. Generally, automatic email notifications can be sent for most any LMS event.

Challenge: “My users are used to social networks, and I need a way to connect them socially to a course as well as just deploy a course.”

Solution: A branded link to a social networking or similar website (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, a web forum, wiki, image gallery, etc.) can be added for any course created in your Inquisiq LMS. These course-specific links can direct your learners to existing specialized sites for further discussion and collaboration.

Challenge: “Not all my training is online. I also have classroom and web meeting training.”

Solution: Inquisiq is a perfect solution for hybrid training solutions. Within the LMS, you can not only upload your SCORM-compliant eLearning courseware, but also setup, track, and manage scheduled classroom and ‘webinar’ training sessions with features including learner enrollments, wait lists, add/drop features, and assign specific instructor profiles to any of those courses.

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