Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

A well-supported customer is a customer for life. A well-informed, well-trained customer support organization helps you attract new business and retain your current customer base. The Inquisiq LMS lets you turn your customer support team into a white glove customer satisfaction team by making sure they have access to the training information that they need, whenever they need it most. Capabilities like CRM integration, social and informal learning, and seamless mobility are just a few of the Inquisiq’s key features that prepare your customer service teams for success.

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Social & Informal Learning

Formal training is important, but customer service needs are rarely static and your team is faced with new problems and challenges on an hourly basis. Asentia allows them to seek out experts in your organization to ask questions and receive advice – in real-time. Inquisiq’s communities of practice, forums, document repositories, mentoring, and internal messaging ensures that every member of your customer service team is an expert on your products and services.

Content Flexibility

A successful customer service agent is not just an expert on your product, but also has excellent sales and client communication skills. Inquisiq allows for a wide range of course content and assessment solutions to ensure your customer service employees are equipped with the tools to succeed: enjoy ease and speed when loading your own PowerPoints and video content, creating your assessments with the built-in quiz authoring tool, utilizing any of the popular authoring tools and uploading either SCORM or xAPI content, or loading 3rd party course libraries.

Natural Mobility

Inquisiq’s responsive design provides a seamless mobile-responsive user experience so your employees can access your customer service training on any device – anytime, anywhere. Allow them to access all your customer service training and documents, even while on a call with a client, whenever it is needed most.

Powerful Automation Features

Inquisiq’s learning automation lets you proactively and automatically assign training to employees based on their roles, job function, location, or any other aspect of their user profile.

Tracking & Monitoring

Inquisiq’s intelligent reporting features allow supervisors, managers, and administrators to track and measure employee progress through your customer service training programs. You can set up alerts and notifications that proactively track and report course completions for reinforcing confidence and ensuring your training is successful. Inquisiq can also issue customized, printable online certificates upon completion of your customer service training programs.

Good managers know that their customer service teams are critical for ensuring that expectations for their products and services are consistently met and that response time is of the essence when dealing with customer support. The Inquisiq LMS enables you to boost customer satisfaction by providing white glove support from your well-trained team of expert customer service specialists.

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