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Instructor Led Training and Your LMS

In today’s technology driven world, Instructor Led Training (ILT) or classroom training can play a very important role in your training program because of the many benefits it can bring to the table. ILT provides social interaction, collaborative learning, focus to learning, makes it simpler to teach complex topics, and it is adaptable. Whether you are strictly training in the classroom or combining your ILT with eLearning for a blended learning environment an LMS can be the key to achieving your training goals. So, what are the benefits of Instructor Led Training and how can ILT be integrated into your existing LMS? Let’s find out…

Benefits of Instructor Led Training

  • Instructor Led training is familiar and social, it provides a level of comfort and gives learners an opportunity to collaborate in a social setting.
  • In a classroom setting employees tend to focus on what is being taught because the environment demands their complete attention.
  • Some topics warrant the interaction, engagement, and deep analysis of a topic that only ILT can provide.
  • ILT can provide access to skilled instructors that can attend to the varied learning needs of the participants.
  • ILT provides adaptability, instructors can spend more time on a topic when needed.

How can an LMS Facilitate ILT?

An LMS can deliver a powerful blended learning environment that has the power to organize, schedule, and report on ILT’s. The key benefits of using an LMS to run your ILT are;

  • Easy scheduling of sessions,
  • Invitation emails are sent to attendees,
  • Automatic reminders of upcoming sessions are sent to attendees,
  • Wait listing for sessions at capacity,
  • Rosters of attendees for instructors in physical form on their device,
  • Offline and online components can be blended together,
  • Allows for ILT sessions to be in webinar form with webinar tools such as WebEx and GoToMeeting, allowing learners to attend ILT’s remotely with the benefit of the instructor’s knowledge.

Successful employee development is the goal when choosing the most effective training method for your organization. Here at Inquisiq we believe there is a place in the modern workforce for both Instructor Led Training and eLearning, as well as a blended learning environment containing a combination of training methods. We would love to help you find the best solution for your organization and show you haw Inquisiq can help you reach your training goals. Contact us to learn more about how Inquisiq LMS can become the foundation of your learning ecosystem.

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