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With a user-friendly interface, creating, managing, and deploying engaging courses has never been easier. A customisable dashboard for high-impact branding, and the option of adding walls and feeds to encourage greater collaboration, enables an inviting user experience.

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Why Book an Inquisiq LMS Demo?

Inquisiq easily helps onboard, upskill, and engage your organisation’s employees through an automated, tailored, and cutting-edge Learning Management System.

The Inquisiq LMS platform also provides greater functionality, reporting and scalability regardless of the size of your organisation or business.

What will you Discover with an Inquisiq LMS Demo?

Fully configurable interface

Mobile-friendly, skinnable (for greater branding opportunities), and optional multilingual interfaces for a more customised learner experience.

More efficient administration

With a high-level of automated functionality, you will be able to save significant time automating course enrollments and associated parameters, rules-based permission management, automatic group access, and report generation.

Flexible reporting

Imagine having complete control of your reports. Being able to schedule regular daily, weekly or monthly reports, while having the ability to run data-rich ad-hoc reports as needed. Or having the capability to assign tailored reporting permissions to all levels of your organisation.

Greater learner analytics

Through our high-level reporting functionality, you will have access to user data that can help you track a person’s progress, while ensuring your workforce remains compliant, and job ready at all times.

Inquisiq’s cutting-edge technology has been designed and tailored to help meet your learning objectives — whatever they may be. Isn’t it time you booked in your Inquisiq LMS demo today?

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Our LMS System has won some of the most sought after awards within the eLearning Industry:

Our Clients

We have also been fortunate
enough to work with some amazing clients to help deliver their eLearning needs…

What Our Clients Say

“We were looking for a cost-effective, scalable LMS to upload thousands of users from over 100 locations with various levels of a matrix organizational structure. Inquisiq was that solution.”

Chris ThomasManager of Training at UNO Restaurants

“Their support is second to none, and I can count on getting questions answered or problems solved quickly and efficiently. I would immediately recommend Inquisiq to anyone considering setting up an LMS in the hosted environment.”

Andy KayInstructional Media Developer at Convergent Performance

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