New Employee Orientation

New Employee Orientation with Inquisiq LMS

Inquisiq LMS gives you the ability to manage your on-boarding process so that it is faster, easier for the employee, more consistent, and more efficient. Employees are your most important asset – it’s all about giving them the right information when and where they need it, automatically.

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HR System Integration

Inquisiq seamlessly integrates with your existing HR system so new employee profile information is automatically pushed to the LMS. This saves time and money and keeps all of your data accurate and consistent.

Learning Automation

On their first day, your new employee logs in and, with no effort directly from you, the sophisticated rule-based automation has already taken care of everything. Based on the employee’s profile: they are enrolled in the right sequence of courses, added to the correct LMS communities, given access to the necessary documents, and even have their mentoring sessions set up.

Social Learning

While good training content and company documents are vital, being connected to the right people can empower your new employee to be a successful, contributing member of your team. Inquisiq encourages collaboration between new and veteran employees by providing them with message boards, built-in direct messaging, and online communities that support specific interests.


Inquisiq courses can have personalized assignments and mentoring (one-on-one events) incorporated and tracked as part of the on-boarding process.

Tracking & Monitoring

Inquisiq’s intelligent reporting features allow supervisors, managers, and administrators to track and monitor your new employee’s progress through your onboarding program. To ensure your new hire is successful – you can set up alerts and notifications that proactively let you know their status.

Natural Mobility

Inquisiq’s responsive design provides an seamless mobile-responsive user experience so your employees can access your material on any device, anytime, anywhere. An employee can start a course at their desktop and finish it later on their mobile device, or get real-time help while on the road.

Good managers understand that employees do not show up on their first day and hit the ground running; new employees will need to learn how things are done in your organization. Whether you’re delivering a welcome video from the CEO, an interactive employee handbook with completion tracking, or an online overview of your benefits program – The Inquisiq LMS helps your newest employees feel right at home with their new career choice in your organization.

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