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On-The-Job Training

On-the-job training (OJT) is a very effective and necessary technique for the teaching of new skills that require in-person demonstrations and feedback. For some hands-on skills, there is no substitute to this type of one-on-one live experience. Beyond being a good teaching technique, it also allows the learner to demonstrate competence and may be the only real way you can properly evaluate a learner’s mastery of the skills/techniques being taught.

We are of course big proponents of eLearning, but good trainers must know how to combine the right methods at the right time, and OJT is a critical tool that should be brought to bear when appropriate. For example, you can certainly learn a lot of the facts and basic information about performing CPR from an eLearning module, but hands-on practice and demonstration with a mentor, cannot easily be replaced.

What is On-the-job Training?

Sometimes because training is often specific to the job at hand and training isn’t always one size fits all, there is no better way to teach a skill than to do it face-to-face. OJT is training that takes place one-on-one between a mentor who serves as the course instructor and a learner. OJT can take place within a traditional work space while doing the actual job or in a more traditional classroom setting. The simple objective of OJT is to use the existing tools, environment, and skills that are already available to you to train an employee to do their job while on the job.

What are the benefits of On-the-job Training?

  • Face-to-face personal attention.
  • Allows the trainer the ability to evaluate the learner’s competence first hand.
  • Can occur within the workplace or in a classroom setting.
  • Can tailor training to a specific job and specific needs of the learner.

The OJT/LMS Connection

An LMS can tackle many of the common challenges associated with OJT, first and foremost – resource management. The accessibility of the companies training platform from anywhere at any time is a huge benefit for employees and trainers. An online training program can also standardize your company’s training methods so that all your employees have the same general knowledge and skills.

Get more from On-the-Job Training with Inquisiq LMS.

With Inquisiq LMS lessons can include one-on-one training events (OJT training events), and support performance evaluations. A course may conclude with a lesson where the learner must perform a task and can be evaluated by the instructor. The instructor will monitor the learner and complete an online questionnaire rating them on their performance, which will become part of the learner’s record.

We would love to show you how Inquisiq LMS can improve your already existing OJT program. Contact us for a free demo today.

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