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Overcoming employee resistance to change: Transitioning from traditional classroom training to eLearning

Whether you are transitioning from traditional classroom training to eLearning or adopting new LMS technology, or both, you must deal with the psychological aspects of change. Resistance to change is a normal and valid concern within the workplace, especially with the rapid emergence of technological innovations. Understanding why employees resist new technology and how to guide them through these changes can be the key to the successful implementation of your new training program and the productivity of your company.

Why might your employees resist new technology?

  • Poor timing can be the leading cause of resistance when introducing any new technology.
  • Poor communication, employees may not understand the benefits of the new technology.
  • Feeling of not having an active role or a say in the changes.
  • Concerns about their ability to use this new technology.

How can you help?

Timing is everything

  • Introduce changes in training at an appropriate time.
  • Introduce the new training program gradually so that employees can slowly get use to the change.
  • Allowing employees time to adapt to new technology will help minimize interruptions in productivity.

Communicate the benefits of eLearning and an LMS

  • Flexibility – employees will be able to complete training when the timing is appropriate for them.
  • Training may no longer require travel.
  • Mobility – access to training material anywhere.
  • Personalized learning paths.
  • Customizable training provides tailored training for all learning types.

Allow employees the opportunity to have an active role in implementation

  • Allow employees the opportunity to provide feedback, ask them what they think about the changes.
    Take their feedback into account, they may have good ideas and they will appreciate the opportunity to be heard.
  • Empathize with their thoughts and feelings.
  • Encourage employees to be proactive.
  • Give them the chance to work together/brainstorm on the best way to implement the new training
  • program.
  • Appoint a trusted employee to the role of Administrator.

Provide employees with the tools they need to succeed.

  • Provide resources and education.
  • Take advantage of the training provided by your LMS vendor.

Dealing with the psychological aspects of change when implementing a new training program can be a difficult hurdle to overcome but well worth the challenge. When implementing any new technology; timing, communication, employee involvement, and education will be the key to success. Here at Inquisiq we are committed to helping you create a learning ecosystem that is right for you, contact us today to see how we can help.

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