Case Study: NEO & Onboarding

Case Study: NEO & Onboarding

First Impressions Matter, Especially With Your Newest Employees

The first day on a new job is hard enough as it is. Your new employees – from management to the mailroom – have some work to do before getting down to work. The sooner they can complete their onboarding and new employee orientation activities, the sooner they can start being productive. And being productive means adding value.

The next-generation Learning Management System (LMS) from the award-winning ICS Learning Group, Asentia drives organizational performance via a simply beautiful learning experience for learners, their managers and learning administrators – from the classroom to the desktop to the smartphone.

Naturally Mobile

Figuring out who’s who, what’s what, and even where the restrooms are can be daunting tasks for anyone in a brand-new work environment. Making sure that your onboarding and new employee orientation training is easily accessible helps your new hires start off on the right foot.

Inquisiq was designed with this in mind. The system provides all roles with an app-free, mobile-responsive user experience that naturally extends the reach of your new hire training and orientation.

Intelligently Automated

Making a great first impression on your new hires is one thing. Managing your onboarding and new employee orientation programs at scale is another. Just ask your HR specialists responsible for getting your fresh talent up to speed. Automation rules for learner cohort creation; course and course path assignment; deadline reminders; progress notifications and scheduled reporting let Inquisiq handle (and scale) the mundane activities – letting your learners, managers and administrators focus on what matters most.

Simply Beautiful

Looks matter. Nowhere is this truer than when your new hires access their onboarding and orientation programs for the first time. As the new generation entering the workforce today has grown up digitally native in all aspects of their lives, it is critical that your onboarding programs don’t disappoint. Inquisiq features a contemporary interface design to ensure that your audience has a learning experience on par with their favorite apps – professional or personal.

Rapidly & Effectively Onboarding New Remote Sales & Support Staff

Early-stage marketing automation software provider that recently secured a Series B funding round to staff up sales and support functions, expand its product offering and accelerate customer acquisition. To drive the latter, the Company tripled its inside sales and customer support staff over a six month period – increasing total headcount to 100.

The Challenge | The Solution

As with most startups or early-stage companies, the challenge of not having enough working capital to scale is quickly replaced by the need for effective systems to support expanded resources once funding is secured or cash flow is achieved. This dynamic is often further exacerbated when a high percentage of the workforce works from remote or virtual office locations.

As a leading edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, the Company hired the best and brightest inside sales and customer support talent, wherever they resided, and let them work remotely from home-based, virtual offices. The Company believed that successful onboarding of its newest sales and support recruits was not just a function of product education but also ensuring that they were well trained on the company’s brand, mission, messaging, policies and procedures.

Since the employees were all geographically dispersed (and the Company was primary focusing its resources on product development and customer acquisition efforts), a classroom-based, Instructor Led Training (ILT) approach to onboarding and new employee orientation would not be practical, timely or cost-effective.

The Company turned to a blended delivery model accessed through an online learning portal to solve its onboarding and new employee orientation needs. It offered its cohort of newest employees centralized access to a guided, online onboarding experience that combined custom e-learning courses, live virtual ILT sessions and on-demand reference resources.

The Benefits

  • Custom-branded training portal maintained the Company’s corporate brand identity (logo, graphics, fonts and colors) and provided their employees with a consistent user experience
  • New employee welcome program made universally available 24/7 to home and remote office based employees, all centrally managed and tracked
  • Dramatic reduction in the time and costs associated with the delivery of onboarding programs, including completion reporting to training managers and business leaders
  • Online, blended learning approach enabled the Company to run its existing staff through the program, in addition to its new hires – ensuring consistency in practice on all messaging, policies and procedures
  • Remote, virtual office employees were given the opportunity to interact with one another via the learning portal, enhancing the onboarding experience and creating peer-to-peer work relationships at a distance

Key Inquisiq Features

  • Mobile-responsive user experience, accessible via any Internet-connected device without dedicated app download and updating
  • Online registration and enrollment automation – including due dates, recurring compliance assessments and expiration notification
  • Group-based automation features enabled training managers to easily assign the onboarding curriculum to new hires and existing staff
  • Social learning and messaging features – such as the Group Wall – enabled new hire cohorts to virtually interact with one another during the onboarding process
  • End-to-end management of e-learning courses, virtual classroom sessions and e-reference materials via a single online platform
  • Tracking, reporting and automated report distribution across the enterprise – for training managers, business managers and leadership
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