New Process & System Rollout

New Process & System Rollout

When implementing a new solution for your organization, it is important to anticipate that this can pose a number of challenges. The rollout and launch or your new processes, procedures, or systems are incomplete until your organization has fully adopted them into their normalized workflow. The Inquisiq LMS helps simplify new process or new system implementations to quickly and easily get your employees familiarized with your new solutions.

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HR System Integration

Inquisiq seamlessly integrates with your existing HR system so employee profile information is automatically pushed to the LMS. This saves time and money and keeps all of your data accurate and consistent –eliminate the requirement for training managers to manually create user accounts in the LMS (and eliminate the potential for human error).

Social Learning

While good training content and system rollout courses are vital, being connected can empower your employees to successfully utilize your new processes or tools. Inquisiq encourages collaboration between employees by providing them with message boards, built-in direct messaging, and online communities that support specific interests related to your new processes.

Tracking & Monitoring

Inquisiq’s intelligent reporting features allow supervisors, managers, and administrators to track and monitor employee progress through your new process and systems rollout training program. To ensure your new tools are successful – you can set up alerts and notifications that proactively let you know employee status.

Natural Mobility

One of the biggest challenges to introducing new processes and solutions to your organization is to actually find the time to properly train your employees while still satisfying day-to-day job requirements. Setting aside time to learn a new system is difficult for even the most organized and committed employee. Inquisiq’s responsive design provides a seamless mobile-responsive user experience so your employees can access your material on any device, anytime, anywhere. Let them develop the required skills when it is convenient for them.

Good managers know that they need to do everything in their power to make a new process or system rollout as painless as possible for their already over-worked employees. Proper planning by organizational managers and administrators to institute a fully-encompassing employee training program will simplify getting their organization familiarized with the new solution. Inquisiq’s social learning, SME communication, and performance support features let you easily augment your training programs with the additional support to make rollouts less painful so can remained focused on what matters most in your organization.

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