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Top LMS Features You Should Be Using (but may not be)

Consider implementing these four LMS features to vastly improve your online training program

When you were first deciding to purchase your LMS, do you remember the extensive list of features that was offered by the LMS provider? Now that your learning management system is deployed and operational, chances are, you’re probably not utilizing all of those higher level LMS features. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this – every LMS admin is doing it to some degree, consciously or not.

After doing all the necessary research during the LMS decision-making process (sometimes months of demos and free trials) and finally deciding on the best LMS for you, it’s natural to get excited and to want it implemented ASAP.

The good news is, there is always room for improvements, especially if your LMS includes some of these features at no additional cost. Consider taking advantage of these four LMS features to greatly improve the quality of your eLearning program and admin/user experience:

1. Recurring Enrollments

When the time of year for annual compliance training rolls around, wouldn’t it be great if your LMS was able to automate the process of enrolling everyone in their mandatory training? Once you configure recurring enrollments in your LMS, your users will be automatically enrolled in the required courses and notified of their annual compliance training requirements – without you ever having to lift a finger. This is usually an easy feature to configure and serves as an incredible time saver in the future – helping you cross compliance training off your list and remain focused on your main business objectives.

2. API

An LMS with a built-in API has a lot of power but much of that power goes unused – mainly because it requires a bit of technical knowledge. Once you understand how to properly use API (or hire someone who does), the capabilities are seemingly limitless. Integrating your LMS with your HRIS or CRM system is just the beginning – you can configure custom user registration settings from any of your organization’s existing systems through an API call to easily populate your LMS. SSO (single sign on) capabilities through API will simplify the login process and save users the headache of entering multiple different username/password combinations.

3. CSS

Almost all of our clients incorporate some sort of branding and customization into their Inquisiq LMS, keeping the training identity consistent with the organization’s identity. Uploading a brand logo and color is a quick (under 10 min) and easy process. For more intricate customization and branding, CSS is your best option. Most LMS providers do (or should!) give you the option for full customization with CSS – this again is another feature that potentially requires some technical knowledge, but is incredibly powerful for consistency in branding and imaging if you have an expert(s) as part of your organization’s educational design team.

4. User-Rated Courses

Are you a courseware retailer or just want some general user feedback from your courses? If your LMS allows users to rate your courses, use it! It’s a great way to determine how your course design is performing and resonating with your users. Most LMSs allow you to set this rating as public or private on your course catalog – receive up-to-date feedback from users and, depending on your LMS features, run reports based on user-ratings to track performance.

Taking advantage of these four LMS features will greatly improve your satisfaction and user-experience; there is always room for improvement with your LMS implementation. Acendre, creators of Inquisiq LMS, has years of experience and our LMS developers would be happy to offer a consultation to help you utilize your LMS features to their fullest potential. You can sign up for a free trial of Inquisiq LMS to see these features in action, or reach out at any time – we’d love to hear from you!

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