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Unique LMS Requirements for Online Training Providers

Training Providers, as an industry distinguished from more formalized, corporate training providers, can have unique requirements for LMS functionality – both from the perspective of marketing, administration, and target audience:

  • As a content expert with a wide range of user demographics, an easy-to-use, ‘friendly’ system for implementing your training program is critical.
  • Changes in the eLearning subject-matter is continuously evolving, requiring a smart solution to allow recurring assessments, updated content, and certifications.
  • Lack of experience selling or promoting eLearning courseware is limiting growth.
  • The delivery system must scale with your company as it grows.
  • Limited availability of knowledgeable trainers is limiting your potential.
  • Personnel limitations with HR and/or IT staff is preventing growth.
  • Environmental resources may not allow for internal systems.

The Inquisiq learning management system allows training providers to overcome these challenges. Our LMS…

…provides a user-friendly interface with clear options for a trouble-free experience.

…features a rapid, site-cloning feature allowing you to setup an LMS for a specific customer with pre-populated settings and courseware content.

…allows the option for public course catalogs to enhance search engine results.

…can tie into your existing product or services site, branding, and overall style for a more seamless integration with your current web traffic and promotional material.

…offers a flexible eCommerce shopping cart for courseware purchases and enrollments.

…can increase the reach of your training content globally, without time restrictions.

…allows for hybrid courses, where traditional instructor-led training can still be offered and scheduled, in addition to the online training modules.

…offers a SaaS solution safe and secure access for your clients

With all those advantages, a training provider can focus their resources on creating effective and engaging training content and running their business, letting Inquisiq handle the actual delivery and availability of the courseware. Inquisiq is a perfect solution for training providers looking to expand into, or enhance their current, online offerings.

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