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Why an LMS is Essential to Your Online Course’s Success

In this swiftly changing and highly competitive market of learning, having the right tools to differentiate yourself and efficiently manage your online training courses is the key to success. Creating and selling online courses may be different than in-house offerings; however, the same attributes that make a learning management system (LMS) attractive to HR directors can be used to maximize your business as well.

At its core, an LMS is software that can be hosted on the cloud to effectively create, manage and sell your online courses. But why is it advantageous to integrate an LMS to your operations? Using the key features can provide a bevy of power in a single package.

LMS Key Features Essential to Selling Your Course


Shopping online is now a way of life, regardless of the purchase. Nasdaq projects that in the next twenty years almost all (95%) of all purchases will be made with eCommerce, so setting the infrastructure now that connects with buying patterns is invaluable. Your LMS should be able to accommodate all forms of payment, including PayPal, and allow for discount codes. The best part is you should be able to monitor traffic via Google Analytics.


“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine,” stated Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president, Gartner Research. Your LMS should be the engine to your course offerings, helping you identify what’s selling, your course completion rates and gather learner’s ratings on specific courses.

Learning Automation

The key to leadership, whether it’s a team of one or many is knowing what to delegate. Learning automation, which is built into LMS packages of many sizes, gives you the opportunity to integrate rules that will drive course flow and permissions. Why is this important? Then you can step away from the admin role and focus more on building and marketing your courses, while learners receive a positive and effective learning experience.

But Wait! There’s More.

These are just a few of the features you should investigate and expect in your LMS, but there are others that should help you develop a tailored user experience, provide completion certificates and meet the users where they are with multilingual and multi-media offerings. And, of course, features are a piece of the larger picture of your online training offerings. You can dive in further here in our whitepaper on How to Create and Sell Courses Online: A Comprehensive Guide. We also have more resources on choosing an LMS or let’s talk about getting the right tool to build your business.

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